Carli’s New Dog

‘This is a guide on how to keep your dog happy!


  • Money
  • Dog


  1. Go to your nearest dog store
  2. Find 1-3 pet toys
  3. Get a dog comb, brush, collar and leash
  4. Get a dog bed
  5. Pay for all of it with you money

Now you’ve got:

  • 1-3 pet toys
  • A comb, brush, collar and leash
  • A dog bed
  • Dog food

Care for your dog and have fun!’

Carli really wanted to get a new dog so she read that procedural text. She has been begging for a dog since she was 7 but her parents said that she had to wait until she was 13 but today was the day,  even though she got her  cocker spaniel last night.

Carli asked her parents for $100. Then, Carli walked to the dog store called ‘Help My Dog Superstore.’

Carli ran and almost fainted because of how big the store was.

Carli got 3 toys, all different, sparkly combs, brushes and collar, a leash, a dog bed with stars on it and dog food.

Altogether, it cost $89.45.

Carli hadn’t named her dog yet so when she got home, she named her Trixie!

Carli knew how to care for her dog because she read books about dogs.

Trixie loved Carli and Carli loved Trixie.


Mini Forensic Science Project

Alphonse Bertillon was a French police officer and biometrics researcher who applied the anthropological technique of anthropometry to law enforcement creating an identification system based on physical measurements. Anthropometry was popular and was the first scientific way to identify criminals to criminals but before that, the police could only solve crimes with photographs or names. The method was eventually replaced by fingerprinting, but “his other contributions like the mug shot and the systematize a of crime-scene photography remain in place to this day.

Bertillon also created many other forensics techniques, including forensic document examination, the use of galvanoplastic compounds to preserve footprints, ballistics, and the dynamometer, used to determine the degree of force used in breaking and entering.

Bertillon is referenced in the Caleb Carr novel The Alienist. The Isaacson brothers, who are detectives, mention that they are trained in Bertillon system. The Bertillon Measurements are also mentioned in the Ross MacDonald Novel, The Drowning Pool.