Values in Sport

On the first Friday that was this term, the 5/6s did a sport lesson. We were asked to look for our 4 school values; respect, optimism, care and collaboration, throughout everyone. We had to draw a picture about it and here is what I drew:layla


The first side of the picture is about how I was being optimistic about softball because I gave the batting a shot but even though I missed all the throws, I still gave it a good shot. The second side of the picture is about how everyone was collaborating in volleyball but the game was hard because hardly anyone got it over the net.



BTN: Spinal Safety

This is clearly about spinal safety. You need to be careful with your back and children are being taught on how to care for your back. 400 Australians have spinal  cord injuries every year. Evie had an accident but is back training at work. Your spinal is vital to your life otherwise you will have limited movement throughout your body.

Three things that stayed with me are that your spinal cord is very fragile, it could snap while trying to sit someone up, you could end up in a wheelchair.

I understand that if something is wrong with your back, you stop, think and get help and that you should have someone in mind to get help from.

One question is what will happen if any of your backbones broke?

Maths Mate Sheet 3 question 24

Predict: I think this problem is about thinking hard and adding.

Read: Fill in the missing digits, given that no digit is repeated.

Clarification: there was nothing that I needed to clarify.

Mathematicians toolbox: I used guess, check and improve.

Solve: I solved this by starting how you would start an addition problem.  Starting from the units column. If you couldn’t repeat a digit, 8 couldn’t be repeated which meant I had to carry . 6+5=11 so that would mean that I had to carry so I did that. I moved on and then it became easy. I just had to add 7 to 0 to make it 8. Last but not least, I wanted the last answer to be 3. I added 1 to 2 to make three so here is my answer:

Top row: 2 0 6 Second row: 175 Last row: 3 8 1

Summary: This was easy beacuse I knew all the facts of the question and basically all the digits I needed.


Maths Mate Sheet 2 term 1 q. 23

Predict: I predict it’s about kilograms and addition.

Read: Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Mathematician’s Toolbox: Guess, check and improve, try all possibilities.

Solve: First I started with adding the first set of weights together. 1+4+5=10. Then I added the second. 2+6+8=16. I swapped 1 and 2. That made the answers 11 and 15. I swapped 4 and 6 which made the answers 13 and 10.  I swapped  5 and 8 which made the answers 13 and 13. So I had to swap 5 and 8.

Summary: I found the problem tricky but easy at the same time and it had alot to do with strategic thinking.




Socialising on the Internet

With a partner, we had to read a pamphlet and take notes of the key words and phrases
about cybersafety. We had to summarize it in our own words.

Here is the summary we came up with:
There are dangers on social networks such as bullying, inappropriate comments, identity 
theft, scams and possibly adult content. This may cause depression and other outcomes.
Personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses etc. should be kept secret. 
If you are to put personal info on a social network, ask an adult you trust before you 
do so. You should guard your privacy and say no to free offers. Adults should stay involved in what their child is doing in social networks and help them when facing a hard time 
in socialising. Adults can even sign up for the network their child is using. They might 
even have fun.    

100WC #21

A gem was found by the river bank  and the story spread around the country. People said that the person who found the gem, was making it up for money. Meetings were held across the country to find an answer to the so called ‘mysterious gem’. There were more gems across the country and someone was watching them as they were being discovered. It was breathtaking for the government but eventually they were all gone but they were actually plastic that was painted pink and purple for the looks. Did everyone actually believe it? Make it up yourself. Can it actually happen?


SuperSpell Results 13/02/14

Spelling Skills Established

  • Long vowel sounds – Vowel Digraphs
  • Long vowel sounds – Single Letter
  • Verb Endings

Spelling Skills Partially Established

  • Long vowel sounds – Silent ‘e’ ending
  • Vowel digraphs – Dipthongs
  • Dipthongs – Vowels Before ‘r’
  • Silent consonants
  • Soft consonant sounds ‘c’ and ‘g’
  • Harder plurals

Spelling Skills Not Established

  • None


Swimming Carnival Reflection

Yesterday, the 11th of February, MPPS had a swimming carnival. It was fun and all, but the water was so freezing, I couldn’t do my first event, 50m freestyle.  I missed out on my second event, 50m breaststroke. I did do my third event which was the 50m freestyle relay. The most fun event that I did was the wading race.

We walked to the swimming pool and got all set up and had a so called, “warm up swim”. Of course I didn’t go in because it was so cold. I couldn’t even put my whole body in the water because it was that cold.

Then all the freestyle started. Yes, I didn’t do my freestyle event. My friend, Cindy, came second. I didn’t go in the event because the water was cold and I wasn’t that confident at swimming.

Then it was backstoke. I didn’t have a backstroke event. It finally came to breaststroke and I missed it because I wasn’t paying attention to which event was after. There also open butterfly event that any girls/boys could go in.

There were some more events before the relay I was in. When it eventually came, I was third in it. We came fourth but My other friend, Lydia, had to start before I got to her.

There were more relays that I watched then there was the cork scramble then the kick board relay and then it was the wading race. My team came second.

We had free swim after that. Then we had to pack up and get changed then walk back to school. We played for a little bit and then had an assembly.

Guess who won overall? My house color, Banks, won(banks is blue). Then Lawson, green, came second, chisolm, yellow, came third and lastly but not least, macarthur, red, came last.

The day was fun and in the end, my team ended up winning!!!

My Job/Your Job

My Job:(student)

  • To focus.
  • To share our opinions.
  • To be organised and ready when given a task.
  • To respect everyone.
  • To come prepared for the learning.

Your Job:(teacher)

  • To listen to our opinions.
  • To respect the students by helping when it gets hard.
  • To come prepared for the day by getting everything together prior to the event.
  • To write all our reports.