Problem Pictures – Hair dryer

Predict: I predict this is about how many holes there are in the hair dryer.

Read: Here is the link to the question:

BIG Question: What is the pattern of the holes?

hair dryer


Mathematician’s  toolbox: Try all possibilities

Solve. If the question says it has 9 holes and then 12 holes, the next circle will have 15 holes so the answer is going up by 3.

Answer: The answer is that it is going up by 3.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 5 Q. 23

Predict: I predicted this problem was about addition.

Read: A teacher spent $64 on 2 types of games. One type was $12 and the other $14 each. How many of the $12 games did she buy?

Clarify: Nothing needed to be clarified.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: I used try all possibilities.

Solve: I started by doing 12 plus 14 which was 26. I did that again and then it was 52. I did it again but only added 12 because then it would go to 78. So the answer is 3 $12 dollar games.

Summary: It was really easy after my dad helped me understand it because he started to explain it and then I said that I understood it.

100WC #25

Tana walked into a room that was pitch black. She switched on the light and there was a hot pink box in the centre of the room. She walked over to it and there was a tag saying:

Dear Tana,

Merry VERY  early Christmas.

From Aunty Lo”

Tana was pleased but when she lifted the lid, there was just paper.

Tana searched everywhere and found the real present in the exact same box with the same tag. This time, there were hot pink, glittery shoes. It was the pair of shoes Tana always wanted but her parents didn’t buy them for her. She had the best present ever!


Different Types of Government

There are many types of government around the world but some governments are very similar and some countries have a mix of government. Here is a list of the governments and their definitions:

Democracy means that the citizens elect the person to rule the country(Australia).
Anarchy means that there is no government, no rules and people have to do what the government wants them to  do.
Communism means that the government plans and controls the country and economy and own all the farms and businesses.
Dictatorship orAutocracy means that there is a single leader that is not elected by the citizens.
Federal Government means that they share power with the smaller governments(Australia).
Monarchy means that there is a government but the king or queen have more power over the country(United Kingdom).
Republic means that there is no monarch but have an elected president(United States of America). Totalitarian State means that there is only one political party and it also prevents everyone from leaving the country.

Some of the countries do have a mix of governments but also some don’t have any. Some governments are very similar like monarchy and dictatorship but still aren’t the same. So basically, there are 8 types of government that are around the world. It’s interesting that Australia has a mix of  governments, federal government and democracy  and I guess that’s why people say that Australia is a free country.

Australian Federal Parliament Representation

I learnt about direct and indirect representation. Direct representation is where everyone is involved and we listed the pros and cons of direct representation. Indirect representation is when only representatives are elected and represent the state/territory (we also listed the pros and cons).

There are 3 levels of government that we learnt about. The three levels of government are the Federal, state and local government. The federal government looks after the country like looking after national parks, the state government looks after the state like looking after the state library and the local government looks after the community like looking after reserves or parks.

There are 2 houses in government. Senate house and Representatives house. They can also be called the upper house (senate house) or the lower house (representative house).Both houses have a lot of members and all the seats have electors. We made visual diagrams in class of the Representation distribution and the Senate distribution and here are the graphs that I made:

House of Representatives Distribution by State/Territory


House of Senators Distribution by State/Territory