GTAC Reflection Lesson 4: Chemical Change

On the 4th of the 6th, 2014, us 5/6s, went to the science lab again and had a 4th lesson from GTAC.

Our first activity was definitions for reversible and irreversible change. An example for reversible change is, a change that can be undone, and for irreversible change is, a change that can’t be undone.

Our second activity was sorting some things into either, reversible change or irreversible change. Some things I wasn’t sure of like glow sticks and fireworks also plaster mixed with water. One thing from reversible change is boiling water and one thing from irreversible change is baking a cake.

We also did a POE chart (predict, observe and explain). Our first experiment for the POE was ‘Elephants toothpaste’. This was putting a few materials in a beaker and letting it mix together. When it rose, it came out of the beaker and it took shape and came out like a worm! The temperature increased and it was because of a chemical reaction.

We did an experiment with glow sticks and that was, what was inside the glow stick that made it glow. We also did something with plaster of Paris to see what happens after it becomes a liquid, to a solid of course.

We had an experiment with vinegar and bi-carb soda, being put in a zip-lock bag. It filled the bag with air and there was still bi-carb at the bottom of the bag.

Our last experiment was a fun one and it was called ‘Genie in the bottle’. Some black air came out like a genie coming out of  a bottle but the stuff still in the flask, MnO2 and H2O2, was a danger to the skin so we weren’t allowed to touch it.

That wrapped up our 4th lesson and there was going to be a 5th one.

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