GTAC Reflection Lesson 5: Fair Test & Rusting

Chris and Maria, from GTAC, came in for our final GTAC lesson.  We learnt about different variables and we did some experiments. Some of the variables were independent, dependent and controlled variables. I had a couple of questions about a fair test. What is a fair test and why is it called a fair test? I had a few questions but there were too many to put down.

The variables are independent, dependent and controlled variables, along with full control. Independent variable means that some conditions that are changed by the scientist.We did our first experiment where everyone had different results because we all had different materials. Dependent variable is what you measure in response to the independent variable. We did the same experiment but we all had the same materials but decreasing temperatures in water. We did 2 experiments and they were both fun to do.

SAM_3822    SAM_3836

Our experiments were fun and they were quite easy to do as well. Our first experiment was how fast can an alka-seltzer tablet dissolve in differing temperatures? My table group took 17 seconds and others took way longer like 1 minute and 17 seconds. Our second experiment was what conditions increase the formation of rust? Every table group had to soak some steel wool in some water and then put it in different conditions, air, water, salt water and oil. We had to leave the beakers overnight and that wrapped up our final lesson of GTAC.

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