Portsmouth Adventure

8 June, 2010

Hi! I’m Stacey. Stacey Jane. I am 12 and Jessica, who is my sister, is 13. We are both positive girls except for our attitude towards each other. Our attitude towards each other is awful because we absolutely HATE sharing a room and always argue about each others stuff being on each others side of the room.

Today, we have planned to go down to Portsmouth, an hours drive, to have a hot air balloon ride. I figured out today that I am afraid of heights because I have  a built in desk under my bed and I almost fell out of bed last night and earlier today, I looked down and felt a bit dizzy.

Mum is calling us down for breakfast so that’s the end of my diary entry today! See you tomorrow.

“Morning Stacey! Morning Jessica! Pancakes for breakfast?” Mum asked.

“Yes please!” We both said.

“Who’s getting the first one?” Jessica asked.

“I am! So you two don’t start arguing on this perfect day!” Mum said, as she ate the first pancake.

“Now, I don’t want you two to ague today. Understand?” Mum said.

We both nodded, in agreement.

We were on our way to Portsmouth when the radio said:

‘Portsmouth is the best place to fly hot air balloons today but there might be some high winds today. 50% chance.’

“That’s why I said no arguing in the balloon or today.” Mum reminded us.

We were at Portsmouth State Park, waiting for the next hot air balloon. It was about a 25 minute wait until we could get one.

We were up high, looking around and mum saw London Bridge! But suddenly… WOOSH!! WHUSH!! There was a blast of wind going past! We were knocked down to a nearby field of corn and fire was starting to spread! We quickly found a bucket and a water pond. There was a nearby farm. Jessica asked the farmer if he could help put the fire out. The farmer helped but we couldn’t find our way back to Portsmouth. The farmer, Joseph Riggens, Kindly helped us back by driving us back to the state park. We were relieved. Well, relieved until it happened to two other balloons.

“Thanks Joseph. It helped. Helped a lot. Bye!” I said, in honour of saving our lives and his crops.

We were driving back to Yorkshire when the radio said: ‘You know about an hour and a half earlier, when I was talking about the high winds? Well, about half an hour ago, a hot air balloon crashed into Joseph Riggens’ farm. Stacey, Jessica and Danielle Jane were in that balloon and Joseph was helping put out the fire, along with those 3 girls!’

“Girls, I told you not to argue, but I didn’t tell the wind not to argue with us. When we get home, it’s lunch time for all of us!” Mum said, to make us laugh!

One thought on “Portsmouth Adventure

  1. Dear Layla,
    This was a wonderful gripping story full of adventure and suspense which really got me gripped into the story. You used a variety of sentence fragments which helped build up the tension. This story had a satisfying ending which any reader would enjoy. Great job Layla. Keep it up, but just watch out for the little occasional typos (You wrote ague instead of argue).
    From Afrah

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