100WC #9

I had to once go swimming with my family in our outdoor pool. I had to uncover it so I lifted off the cover and waited for it to automatically rolled up onto the spool. Ewwww… The water was all green and disgusting. The filter must have been broken by our cat

“MOGGY!” I yelled, because that was our cat’s name. Ugh. She broke it on a really hot day too. Well, at least we got to have ice-cream. I got to go to my friend’s house as well because they have the best pool EVER! That was fun!

Maths Mate Sheet 2 q. 23

Predict: I predict this is about solving the magic square.

Read: Fill in the magic square.

Clarify: I didn’t need anything clarified.

The BIG question: Fill in the magic square

Mathamatician’s Toolbox: I used Try All Possibilities

Solve: I first added 8+6+4 which equals 18. Then I did 8+7 which is 15 so then I had to fill in the 2. Next, I did 3+4 which is 7 and 11+7 is 18. Next I did 6+11 which is 17 so I wrote in the 1. Now 8+1 is 9 so 9+9 is 18. Now 4+9 was left. $+9 is 13 so I added 5 which made it 18/ That is how I solved the magic square.layla's maths2