Maths Mate Sheet 2 q. 23

Predict: I predict this is about solving the magic square.

Read: Fill in the magic square.

Clarify: I didn’t need anything clarified.

The BIG question: Fill in the magic square

Mathamatician’s Toolbox: I used Try All Possibilities

Solve: I first added 8+6+4 which equals 18. Then I did 8+7 which is 15 so then I had to fill in the 2. Next, I did 3+4 which is 7 and 11+7 is 18. Next I did 6+11 which is 17 so I wrote in the 1. Now 8+1 is 9 so 9+9 is 18. Now 4+9 was left. $+9 is 13 so I added 5 which made it 18/ That is how I solved the magic square.layla's maths2

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