100WC #9

I had to once go swimming with my family in our outdoor pool. I had to uncover it so I lifted off the cover and waited for it to automatically rolled up onto the spool. Ewwww… The water was all green and disgusting. The filter must have been broken by our cat

“MOGGY!” I yelled, because that was our cat’s name. Ugh. She broke it on a really hot day too. Well, at least we got to have ice-cream. I got to go to my friend’s house as well because they have the best pool EVER! That was fun!

5 thoughts on “100WC #9

  1. Hi Layla, I enjoyed reading your story and think you have made good use of the prompt words. I can also see that you have tried really hard with your punctuation and I especially like your use of ellipses after ‘Ewwww’. Experimenting with punctuation can really help improve your writing. Why not have a go at rewriting the story using different punctuation and see how it can change the meaning?

  2. Hi Layla, this sounds like you have based this story on real life. I am really pleased that you have used the prompt well and it is a great story too, well done & apologies for the lateness of this comment….
    Keep writing!

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