Science Prac Report

Date: 20th May nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn\nPartner: Theo, Erica, Raymond

Packing Pellets in Water


To see what happens to packing pellets when they are in water.


Small beaker, room temperature water, packing pellets


  1. Fill the small beaker with water.
  2. Place the packing pellet in the water.
  3. Record your observations of the pellet as time goes by.
  4. Record the times down.


  • The packing pellet will expand.
  • The pellet will absorb a small amount of water.

Results: 10:40am – 10:45am

  • The pellet was floating.
  • The pellet wasn’t moving, slowly sinking, falling apart
  • Expanding, flat, sinking, absorbing water
  • looks soggy, looks fluffy
  • Expanding even more, floating less
  • same amount?


The packing pellet was absorbing small amounts of water and slowly started to dissolve into a liquid. My hypothesis was right because the pellet did expand and absorbed small amounts of water.

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