Valedictorian Speech

Good evening parents, teachers and the year 6s of 2014.

Even though I’ve only been here since 2011, I’ve made many friends and some have stayed with me for the whole journey. There have been sad times but even if I’ve overcome them, they will stay with me forever. I have many memories to stay with me for my whole journey of life, so I think I could be ready to jump onto the train of life.

I think we have all had great years, bad years, and even years of school that we considered our favourites yet that is only in primary school. There are 6 more years to go through so we can have more years to consider our favourite of all school years.

I’ll share the best moment I’ve had at this school Because we’ve all had good times at this school.

My favourite moment at this school was when I met my best friend, Cindy. I felt I was going to spend my whole primary school life with her and look at me now, she is still with me since then.

I think the best thing I have experienced at this school is definitely camp. I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed camp, excursions, incursions and what not. I liked the camp I had in year four, because there was flying fox, abseiling, and archery. They were all fun but I liked the flying fox the most.

There are many fun, moments, funny, moments, and even sad moments but since I’m that cheerful, I want to share my funny moment.

The most funny moment I’ve had is all the times my friends and I race, fall over and get back up, because we all end up laughing. It’s so fun to do that but we don’t do it anymore because we chat a lot.

The most fun excursion/incursion I’ve had is probably the met challenge or even Italian day. I like the met challenge because we get to race around but also learn about map reading, finding key locations and just having fun with the group. I like Italian day because we get to dress up and get to experience what it is like to kind of be in Italy. There are many activities that are able to be enjoyed.

Thank you for listening and everyone can enjoy anything. If I ever make, I’ll be on the train of life, then be on my way to experience everything else.

Farewell from Layla

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