Greenhouse Gases and Fossil Fuels



In my diagram, it explains how Greenhouse Effect works. The Greenhouse Effect is when the climate changes due to the atmosphere temperature and the Earth’s temperature. So the sun’s energy comes into the Earth and gets reflected but most of it is absorbed into the land and atmosphere. The trapped energy is making the Earth warmer, causing the “Greenhouse Effect”.



In this diagram, it explains how fossil fuels are made. Basically, animals and plants, from millions of years ago, had died, got compressed, compressed and then turned into oil (animals) and coal (plants). The compressing took millions of years to do.


Canberra Camp Recount

It was the 24th of November and the 5/6s of MPPS had a camp in Canberra, the nation’s capital! It took 10 hours to get there, and trust me, we were all tired once we got there. We spread into our room and got served dinner, chicken schnitzel. We then went down to the auditorium and had a show called ‘Red faces’ even though we didn’t have red faces and after that, we went to bed.

The next day, we went to the National Museum of Australia where we learnt a bit about Australian history and the Dreamtime. I learnt that string was made from REAL HUMAN HAIR! We then also had to look and write about things in the museum. I wrote about the old equipment used to sheer sheep.

Then we went to the National Film and Sound archive; where we learnt about films, sounds and what people used to entertain themselves back in the day.

Even if the day wasn’t busy enough, we still had to go to Questacon, a place where science is turned into fun! But we still had to have the evening activity so the day wasn’t over yet!

Our evening activity was swimming at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) and that was where Australian athletes trained! Now that was fun!

Day 3= Halfway through camp. Jeez, There already? Camp went so fast. Anyways, we went to old parliament house where inside there was the AEC (Australian electoral commission) where we learnt about elections, and voting. Also Old Parliament House was the Museum of Australian Democracy where we learnt about the Prime ministers and Seatings in the Senate and House of Representatives.

We then went to the Australian War Memorial where we learnt about war, and the poppy, why they were the flower. We also stayed for the last post ceremony.

Then we went to Telstra Tower, and to the tip top, there were about 3,268 steps. Wow. Luckily we didn’t have to climb them.

The next day was when we went to Parliament house and learnt about Parliament. We also got to see sittings in both chambers.

Then we went to CSIRO, the place where science is still fun and they had invented the wi-fi!

We also went back to the AIS and had a tour around of where athletes would train.

We had a Movie Night that night and we Watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman and that was tiring.

But the last day is here and we had to get up early, so we could go back home to Melbourne. It was just as tiring but also fun because I slept most of the time, but I did have time to watch Finding Nemo. Once we got back, I was talking and talking about what we did and how much fun we had!


Science Prac Report

Date: 20th May nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn\nPartner: Theo, Erica, Raymond

Packing Pellets in Water


To see what happens to packing pellets when they are in water.


Small beaker, room temperature water, packing pellets


  1. Fill the small beaker with water.
  2. Place the packing pellet in the water.
  3. Record your observations of the pellet as time goes by.
  4. Record the times down.


  • The packing pellet will expand.
  • The pellet will absorb a small amount of water.

Results: 10:40am – 10:45am

  • The pellet was floating.
  • The pellet wasn’t moving, slowly sinking, falling apart
  • Expanding, flat, sinking, absorbing water
  • looks soggy, looks fluffy
  • Expanding even more, floating less
  • same amount?


The packing pellet was absorbing small amounts of water and slowly started to dissolve into a liquid. My hypothesis was right because the pellet did expand and absorbed small amounts of water.

Changing States: Separating States (UNFINISHED)

There are many ways to separate mixtures like: Chromatography, this is good for separating dissolved substances that are in mixtures/liquids, filtration, this is good for separating insoluble substances from liquids such as rocks from water, evaporation, this is good for separating salt from water, you let the water evaporate and the salt stays and lastly, simple distillation. It’s the exact same to evaporation except you cool the gas down to get the water back.

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Book Week Multi-age Book Activity (UNFINISHED)

Today, for book week we had a multi-age book activity. This activity is when people from every class (not everyone, a couple of people) comes to a certain room to read a book and then do an activity around it. My group read the book ‘Kissed by the Moon’ by Alison Lester. 

Here is an overview of what we did:

Firstly, we went to our specified rooms after recess and I went to 1/2b. We then called for who was and then proceeded with the activity. We read the book and then did our activity based around the book.

Literature Circles: The Game Of The Goose (UNFINISHED)

There were 4 books chosen for literature circles, What do You Think Feezal, Hover Car Racer, Gilbert’s Ghost Train and The Game Of The Goose. I chose The Game Of The Goose. There were 6 different roles, Discussion Director, Word Watcher, Captain or Contessa of Comprehension, Passage Master, The Connector and Tally Master. I was the Discussion Director. In my group I have Fidelya, Alyssa, Melina, Ruby and Justyn. Fidelya was the word watcher, Alyssa was the passage master, Melina was the connector, Ruby was the tally master and Justyn was the captain of comprehension.


Valedictorian Speech

Good evening parents, teachers and the year 6s of 2014.

Even though I’ve only been here since 2011, I’ve made many friends and some have stayed with me for the whole journey. There have been sad times but even if I’ve overcome them, they will stay with me forever. I have many memories to stay with me for my whole journey of life, so I think I could be ready to jump onto the train of life.

I think we have all had great years, bad years, and even years of school that we considered our favourites yet that is only in primary school. There are 6 more years to go through so we can have more years to consider our favourite of all school years.

I’ll share the best moment I’ve had at this school Because we’ve all had good times at this school.

My favourite moment at this school was when I met my best friend, Cindy. I felt I was going to spend my whole primary school life with her and look at me now, she is still with me since then.

I think the best thing I have experienced at this school is definitely camp. I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed camp, excursions, incursions and what not. I liked the camp I had in year four, because there was flying fox, abseiling, and archery. They were all fun but I liked the flying fox the most.

There are many fun, moments, funny, moments, and even sad moments but since I’m that cheerful, I want to share my funny moment.

The most funny moment I’ve had is all the times my friends and I race, fall over and get back up, because we all end up laughing. It’s so fun to do that but we don’t do it anymore because we chat a lot.

The most fun excursion/incursion I’ve had is probably the met challenge or even Italian day. I like the met challenge because we get to race around but also learn about map reading, finding key locations and just having fun with the group. I like Italian day because we get to dress up and get to experience what it is like to kind of be in Italy. There are many activities that are able to be enjoyed.

Thank you for listening and everyone can enjoy anything. If I ever make, I’ll be on the train of life, then be on my way to experience everything else.

Farewell from Layla

100WC #9

I had to once go swimming with my family in our outdoor pool. I had to uncover it so I lifted off the cover and waited for it to automatically rolled up onto the spool. Ewwww… The water was all green and disgusting. The filter must have been broken by our cat

“MOGGY!” I yelled, because that was our cat’s name. Ugh. She broke it on a really hot day too. Well, at least we got to have ice-cream. I got to go to my friend’s house as well because they have the best pool EVER! That was fun!

Maths Mate Sheet 2 q. 23

Predict: I predict this is about solving the magic square.

Read: Fill in the magic square.

Clarify: I didn’t need anything clarified.

The BIG question: Fill in the magic square

Mathamatician’s Toolbox: I used Try All Possibilities

Solve: I first added 8+6+4 which equals 18. Then I did 8+7 which is 15 so then I had to fill in the 2. Next, I did 3+4 which is 7 and 11+7 is 18. Next I did 6+11 which is 17 so I wrote in the 1. Now 8+1 is 9 so 9+9 is 18. Now 4+9 was left. $+9 is 13 so I added 5 which made it 18/ That is how I solved the magic square.layla's maths2

Poetry: The 6 Room Poem

In class today, and on Friday, we were talking about a poem called a 6 room poem. It has a series of 6 rooms going like this: Room 1=Image or photograph, where you think of something amazing or something interesting to you but don’t think of a poem. Room 2= Colours, is it dark, hazy, shiny, bright, colourful? You think of the colours that the image has. Room 3= Sound, what can you hear? What kind of sound is it? Room 4= Do you have any questions about the image? Room 5= Describe your feelings about the image. Room 6= Look over the poem and find a phrase, word or line that feels important and repeat it 3 times.

Here are 2 examples of 6 room poems:

Small village, peaceful and sunny

nnSunny, shiny, daylight

nnnn Peaceful day, warm with play

nnnnnn Why not a bustling city or road?

nnnnnnnn I feel happy, in my happy place

Happy,njbjbjbjbjbjbjbjHappy,                       Happy.

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Here is my next example:

I’m at the door of the clothes shop, so big in size

Inside is the chattering of people, to find the right size

The light is so beautiful, with all sorts of colours

Does this have to be so big? How many people come here?

I’m excited, amazed and will want everything


nnnnnnnn Shopping,

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Shopping

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