Literature Circles: The Game Of The Goose (UNFINISHED)

There were 4 books chosen for literature circles, What do You Think Feezal, Hover Car Racer, Gilbert’s Ghost Train and The Game Of The Goose. I chose The Game Of The Goose. There were 6 different roles, Discussion Director, Word Watcher, Captain or Contessa of Comprehension, Passage Master, The Connector and Tally Master. I was the Discussion Director. In my group I have Fidelya, Alyssa, Melina, Ruby and Justyn. Fidelya was the word watcher, Alyssa was the passage master, Melina was the connector, Ruby was the tally master and Justyn was the captain of comprehension.


100WC #9

I had to once go swimming with my family in our outdoor pool. I had to uncover it so I lifted off the cover and waited for it to automatically rolled up onto the spool. Ewwww… The water was all green and disgusting. The filter must have been broken by our cat

“MOGGY!” I yelled, because that was our cat’s name. Ugh. She broke it on a really hot day too. Well, at least we got to have ice-cream. I got to go to my friend’s house as well because they have the best pool EVER! That was fun!

100WC #34

I was stuck in a room, no open windows, only locked doors. It was a pitch black room where I couldn’t escape, well without a key I couldn’t. There were about 10 doors, all in the same hallway, all in a line, nowhere to escape. I was trapped. Just trapped, forever. I was trying to escape when I heard another voice, inside one of the doors.

‘But where could I go? Please answer. PLEASE!’

I was scared too. She wasn’t alone. I replied with an ‘I don’t know’.

I tried to help open the door. I couldn’t.

Goodbye outside world, forever.

100WC #21

A gem was found by the river bank  and the story spread around the country. People said that the person who found the gem, was making it up for money. Meetings were held across the country to find an answer to the so called ‘mysterious gem’. There were more gems across the country and someone was watching them as they were being discovered. It was breathtaking for the government but eventually they were all gone but they were actually plastic that was painted pink and purple for the looks. Did everyone actually believe it? Make it up yourself. Can it actually happen?