BTN: Chocolate

Three facts that I learnt are that cocoa was first used in Central America, as currency, a gift for the gods and a nice drink. A Spanish explorer used this drink in Spain and then eventually, posh people in Europe were drinking it. I also learnt that the first person to make chocolate was also posh. He added sugar and ground cocoa to it to make chocolate. I also found that chocolate is now made differently in our factories and no one can resist chocolate.

I understand that the way we make now is way better than back then. It’s way tastier. I also understand that chocolate was dated back to when Aztecs were around. A question I’m left with is how did chocolate get it’s yummy taste?

BTN: Spinal Safety

This is clearly about spinal safety. You need to be careful with your back and children are being taught on how to care for your back. 400 Australians have spinal  cord injuries every year. Evie had an accident but is back training at work. Your spinal is vital to your life otherwise you will have limited movement throughout your body.

Three things that stayed with me are that your spinal cord is very fragile, it could snap while trying to sit someone up, you could end up in a wheelchair.

I understand that if something is wrong with your back, you stop, think and get help and that you should have someone in mind to get help from.

One question is what will happen if any of your backbones broke?