Read Like A Writer

Vampires and so called, ‘protection’, made the main idea of the story more interesting other than just 2 rivals fighting over and over again. Some questions at the end of some chapters leave me in suspense, wanting to read more and somehow find the answer to the mind bugging question.

The dark and the fear in the voice in this book makes it feel like it’s a supernatural and serious and action filled book. Some words I found interesting are words like vibrating because it makes the feel that the heat in the air is actually moving or vibrating.

The fluent sentences in this book are set up really well and it also helps because when no-one is speaking, there’s detail and description and I sometimes forgot there was a pause. Some conventions at the end of some chapters, also leaves you with suspense because you would always want to find out more when there is a ‘dot-dot-dot’.

The front cover of the book :)

The front cover of the book 🙂

Read Like A Reader

I asked Claire, why did she even go back to the college when she knows her biggest rival is looking for her? I also asked Monica, does she even care about Claire’s feelings?

Near the end of the book, I kept on thinking about what was going to happen in the next book. I thought that maybe, Claire will save her friends from vampires and being turned into one. Sometimes you can turn into one, sometimes you can’t. Even thought Claire said that she was ok, I knew she wasn’t because of the action, drama and the conversation she was having with Shane.

This book reminded me of another book I read last year, called ‘Thyla’. It reminded me because of all of the supernatural creatures in the book, in Glass Houses, vampires, and in Thyla, there were werewolves.

I felt really sorry for Claire, as in that I felt sad because Monica just had to ruin Claire’s life. Monica made me feel angry because Claire was helpless. I think that Claire, going back and forth, to the college and back did get a bit boring and other parts in the book were a bit boring to, but, overall, I did like the book because it was challenging for me and was big milestone from what I usually read.

The front cover of the book :)

The front cover of the book 🙂

The 5 BIG Questions: Glass Houses

BIG Question #1: What makes this book good?

What makes ‘Glass Houses’ good is probably the setting and the journey that Claire takes. The journey doesn’t succeed and ends up with failure but Claire still has her friends by her side. Claire think her friends helped her stand up for herself. With or without them, she did learn to stand up for herself.

BIG Question #2: What would make this book better?

What would make ‘Glass Houses’ better is if there was a bit more of a journey than Claire just going back and forth, going back college and back to Glass Houses and that part did get a bit boring. Other than that, I thought it was a good book.

 BIG Question #3: What’s the one most important thing that the author wants you to know?

The one most important thing that Rachel Caine wants us to know is probably true friendship. I think that because Claire wanted friends, not rivals. True friendship is important because that is what might make you happy, makes you feel a sense of belonging.

BIG Question #4: Why did the author write this?

Rachel Caine wrote this because one of her family members was into all of these fantasy things, like vampires and ghosts and I think that Rachel wanted us to know that fantasy can be for all ages and to have some down time but also have some humour in our lives.

BIG Question #5: What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?

I think the audience needs to know that rivals are somewhere in your friends list, just maybe down low. It may be full of vampires but sometimes, this book is just for if your in a mood for a book that is full of confusion and friendship. Other times, it’s just to have a bit of reading time, making sure you can relax. That’s what I think the audience needs to know.

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