Different Types of Government

There are many types of government around the world but some governments are very similar and some countries have a mix of government. Here is a list of the governments and their definitions:

Democracy means that the citizens elect the person to rule the country(Australia).
Anarchy means that there is no government, no rules and people have to do what the government wants them to  do.
Communism means that the government plans and controls the country and economy and own all the farms and businesses.
Dictatorship orAutocracy means that there is a single leader that is not elected by the citizens.
Federal Government means that they share power with the smaller governments(Australia).
Monarchy means that there is a government but the king or queen have more power over the country(United Kingdom).
Republic means that there is no monarch but have an elected president(United States of America). Totalitarian State means that there is only one political party and it also prevents everyone from leaving the country.

Some of the countries do have a mix of governments but also some don’t have any. Some governments are very similar like monarchy and dictatorship but still aren’t the same. So basically, there are 8 types of government that are around the world. It’s interesting that Australia has a mix of  governments, federal government and democracy  and I guess that’s why people say that Australia is a free country.