Book Week Multi-age Book Activity (UNFINISHED)

Today, for book week we had a multi-age book activity. This activity is when people from every class (not everyone, a couple of people) comes to a certain room to read a book and then do an activity around it. My group read the book ‘Kissed by the Moon’ by Alison Lester. 

Here is an overview of what we did:

Firstly, we went to our specified rooms after recess and I went to 1/2b. We then called for who was and then proceeded with the activity. We read the book and then did our activity based around the book.

Literature Circles: The Game Of The Goose (UNFINISHED)

There were 4 books chosen for literature circles, What do You Think Feezal, Hover Car Racer, Gilbert’s Ghost Train and The Game Of The Goose. I chose The Game Of The Goose. There were 6 different roles, Discussion Director, Word Watcher, Captain or Contessa of Comprehension, Passage Master, The Connector and Tally Master. I was the Discussion Director. In my group I have Fidelya, Alyssa, Melina, Ruby and Justyn. Fidelya was the word watcher, Alyssa was the passage master, Melina was the connector, Ruby was the tally master and Justyn was the captain of comprehension.


Read like a Writer:The Game Of The Goose (UNFINISHED)

Today for literacy, we did something called “Read like a Writer“. Read like a writer is basically   when you think like a writer for when the writer is writing the text

Ideas: The way that Rabbit didn’t like having baths, but he had the thought of wanting a warm and soapy one, made me think that he really wanted to be in his own house in his own bath.

Organization: First came his feelings after waking up, then came the first thing that popped into his head.

Valedictorian Speech

Good evening parents, teachers and the year 6s of 2014.

Even though I’ve only been here since 2011, I’ve made many friends and some have stayed with me for the whole journey. There have been sad times but even if I’ve overcome them, they will stay with me forever. I have many memories to stay with me for my whole journey of life, so I think I could be ready to jump onto the train of life.

I think we have all had great years, bad years, and even years of school that we considered our favourites yet that is only in primary school. There are 6 more years to go through so we can have more years to consider our favourite of all school years.

I’ll share the best moment I’ve had at this school Because we’ve all had good times at this school.

My favourite moment at this school was when I met my best friend, Cindy. I felt I was going to spend my whole primary school life with her and look at me now, she is still with me since then.

I think the best thing I have experienced at this school is definitely camp. I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed camp, excursions, incursions and what not. I liked the camp I had in year four, because there was flying fox, abseiling, and archery. They were all fun but I liked the flying fox the most.

There are many fun, moments, funny, moments, and even sad moments but since I’m that cheerful, I want to share my funny moment.

The most funny moment I’ve had is all the times my friends and I race, fall over and get back up, because we all end up laughing. It’s so fun to do that but we don’t do it anymore because we chat a lot.

The most fun excursion/incursion I’ve had is probably the met challenge or even Italian day. I like the met challenge because we get to race around but also learn about map reading, finding key locations and just having fun with the group. I like Italian day because we get to dress up and get to experience what it is like to kind of be in Italy. There are many activities that are able to be enjoyed.

Thank you for listening and everyone can enjoy anything. If I ever make, I’ll be on the train of life, then be on my way to experience everything else.

Farewell from Layla

100WC #9

I had to once go swimming with my family in our outdoor pool. I had to uncover it so I lifted off the cover and waited for it to automatically rolled up onto the spool. Ewwww… The water was all green and disgusting. The filter must have been broken by our cat

“MOGGY!” I yelled, because that was our cat’s name. Ugh. She broke it on a really hot day too. Well, at least we got to have ice-cream. I got to go to my friend’s house as well because they have the best pool EVER! That was fun!

Poetry: The 6 Room Poem

In class today, and on Friday, we were talking about a poem called a 6 room poem. It has a series of 6 rooms going like this: Room 1=Image or photograph, where you think of something amazing or something interesting to you but don’t think of a poem. Room 2= Colours, is it dark, hazy, shiny, bright, colourful? You think of the colours that the image has. Room 3= Sound, what can you hear? What kind of sound is it? Room 4= Do you have any questions about the image? Room 5= Describe your feelings about the image. Room 6= Look over the poem and find a phrase, word or line that feels important and repeat it 3 times.

Here are 2 examples of 6 room poems:

Small village, peaceful and sunny

nnSunny, shiny, daylight

nnnn Peaceful day, warm with play

nnnnnn Why not a bustling city or road?

nnnnnnnn I feel happy, in my happy place

Happy,njbjbjbjbjbjbjbjHappy,                       Happy.

Audacity file: 

Here is my next example:

I’m at the door of the clothes shop, so big in size

Inside is the chattering of people, to find the right size

The light is so beautiful, with all sorts of colours

Does this have to be so big? How many people come here?

I’m excited, amazed and will want everything


nnnnnnnn Shopping,

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Shopping

Audacity file: 

Procedural Text: How to do the PERFECT Arabesque in Ballet

This is my handwritten one:



Aim: To learn how to do the perfect 3rd arabesque in ballet.


  • Light clothing
  • Ballet shoes (or socks)
  • Big space

How to achieve:

  1. First, you need to go into the center of a big space, with a flat surface.
  2. Next, point your left foot to the back, making sure the center of gravity is centered.
  3. Now, transfer your body weight to the front, still making sure the center of gravity is centered.
  4. After, reach both arms forward, the right arm higher than the left.
  5. Now, find a spot for you to focus on, preferably past your fingers on your right.
  6. After, make sure you are balanced and lift your leg slowly focusing on the focus spot.
  7. Finally, hold your leg up and you should now have a perfect arabesque.

You have now learnt how to do the perfect arabesque from a ballet master!

Text Type: Narrative (Julie’s Sacrifice)

It was a peaceful day at school and Julie and Nicola were working on their project for maths. The lunch bell had rung and they both decided to go check out the old school house behind the main building. Julie and Nicola were in yr. 7 at St. Jane’s College which was an all girls college. They loved it there but the old building was a bit suspicious to the girls.

They went to the old school house and the door freakishly but surely opened on it’s own. Julie already wanted to go back to the school yard but Nicola said no. They went inside and the door shut, locking the girls inside. Julie screamed, trying to open the door from all angles but it wouldn’t budge. The girls were locked in for good.

Nicola was walking up the stairs, shivered and turned around, to see Julie just sitting at the door, shivering and scared. Nicola asked herself, is she okay? She ignored it and continued upstairs. Julie had remembered this school house before she was a ghost. No one knew she was a ghost but she really wanted to go back in time, to see old friends again.

“AHHH!” Nicola screamed. Julie ran upstairs, checking every room. Nicola was nowhere to be seen. Julie slid down the wall, sitting on the wooden floors. She started crying into her hands. Nicola was gone, forever. She couldn’t bare losing anymore friends.

Julie could see all the undead and she kept on hearing screams from downstairs. She ran into the kitchen to see Nicola as a ghost. Something was torchuring her. Julie screamed ‘NO!’ as she sacrificed her own life for Nicola’s.

“Julie!” Nicola cried, as Julie said that she had to sacrifice herself for Nicola. Julie was fading away and Nicola was crying for ages, until it was final bell. She was a ghost now so she knew how to escape. Now knowing her best friend was a ghost, she was willing to live for another hundred years or so, willing to sacrifice herself for others.

Books are Better than Television

I very strongly believe that books are better than television because of these points: You exercise your mind, you learn more from books, you can choose what you want to read and television is limited.

Firstly, you exercise your mind because if you choose to read challenging books, your mind is getting used to those books and is settling in. Whereas if you read different books  all the time, other than just watching television, your mind is exercising and you get more imagination and it takes a long time for your mind to settle in. That’s why you exercise your mind when you read.

Secondly, you learn more from books because most books have true facts or answers to questions that you might have. If you watch television all the time, you won’t learn much because all there is, is news, children’s shows etc. but no programmes to learn from! That is why I think that you learn more from books.

Thirdly, you can choose what you want to read, as in, if you want watch a horror film, and there weren’t any of them, you can always read the book of a horror film which is more exaggerated than a film. That is why I think you always having a choice of what you want to read in your spare time.

Lastly, television is very limited. It is limited because there are about 90-100 channels, whereas books, there is over 1000 in the world. (e.g. there might be a channel you always like to watch but that channel might have been taken off air so there are books with a big series or is based on a television show) That is why I believe that television is limited.

So in conclusion, I believe that books are better than television because, you can always think of the choice of reading, books help you learn more, the choice of reading is always there and television only has a limited number of channels. I hope I have persuaded you that books are better than television.