Poetry: The 6 Room Poem

In class today, and on Friday, we were talking about a poem called a 6 room poem. It has a series of 6 rooms going like this: Room 1=Image or photograph, where you think of something amazing or something interesting to you but don’t think of a poem. Room 2= Colours, is it dark, hazy, shiny, bright, colourful? You think of the colours that the image has. Room 3= Sound, what can you hear? What kind of sound is it? Room 4= Do you have any questions about the image? Room 5= Describe your feelings about the image. Room 6= Look over the poem and find a phrase, word or line that feels important and repeat it 3 times.

Here are 2 examples of 6 room poems:

Small village, peaceful and sunny

nnSunny, shiny, daylight

nnnn Peaceful day, warm with play

nnnnnn Why not a bustling city or road?

nnnnnnnn I feel happy, in my happy place

Happy,njbjbjbjbjbjbjbjHappy,                       Happy.

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Here is my next example:

I’m at the door of the clothes shop, so big in size

Inside is the chattering of people, to find the right size

The light is so beautiful, with all sorts of colours

Does this have to be so big? How many people come here?

I’m excited, amazed and will want everything


nnnnnnnn Shopping,

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Shopping

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