Books are Better than Television

I very strongly believe that books are better than television because of these points: You exercise your mind, you learn more from books, you can choose what you want to read and television is limited.

Firstly, you exercise your mind because if you choose to read challenging books, your mind is getting used to those books and is settling in. Whereas if you read different books  all the time, other than just watching television, your mind is exercising and you get more imagination and it takes a long time for your mind to settle in. That’s why you exercise your mind when you read.

Secondly, you learn more from books because most books have true facts or answers to questions that you might have. If you watch television all the time, you won’t learn much because all there is, is news, children’s shows etc. but no programmes to learn from! That is why I think that you learn more from books.

Thirdly, you can choose what you want to read, as in, if you want watch a horror film, and there weren’t any of them, you can always read the book of a horror film which is more exaggerated than a film. That is why I think you always having a choice of what you want to read in your spare time.

Lastly, television is very limited. It is limited because there are about 90-100 channels, whereas books, there is over 1000 in the world. (e.g. there might be a channel you always like to watch but that channel might have been taken off air so there are books with a big series or is based on a television show) That is why I believe that television is limited.

So in conclusion, I believe that books are better than television because, you can always think of the choice of reading, books help you learn more, the choice of reading is always there and television only has a limited number of channels. I hope I have persuaded you that books are better than television.

Values in Sport

On the first Friday that was this term, the 5/6s did a sport lesson. We were asked to look for our 4 school values; respect, optimism, care and collaboration, throughout everyone. We had to draw a picture about it and here is what I drew:layla


The first side of the picture is about how I was being optimistic about softball because I gave the batting a shot but even though I missed all the throws, I still gave it a good shot. The second side of the picture is about how everyone was collaborating in volleyball but the game was hard because hardly anyone got it over the net.



My Job/Your Job

My Job:(student)

  • To focus.
  • To share our opinions.
  • To be organised and ready when given a task.
  • To respect everyone.
  • To come prepared for the learning.

Your Job:(teacher)

  • To listen to our opinions.
  • To respect the students by helping when it gets hard.
  • To come prepared for the day by getting everything together prior to the event.
  • To write all our reports.