Decoda, The Saviour

Decoda was very excited because she was going to Russia, with her dad, to see her grandparents, who she hadn’t seen in 10 years. It was also Decoda’s 13th birthday. She was SO excited.  

Decoda was really happy when she got to her nonno and nonna’s house. They were excited too. They couldn’t believe how tall she had gotten. Her nonno and nonna had a dog called Piffles. He was very fluffy. They all did so many things while Decoda was there.

Decoda was walking Piffles. Decoda was sensing something. She hadn’t felt a sense that bad ever before. Piffles was growling really loudly. BOOM!!!! Piffles and Decoda both felt that, that was a bomb. Decoda, Piffles, her dad, nonno and nonna were all somehow safe. What had they just been through?

When the dust and smoke cleared, Decoda, her dad, Piffles, nonna and nonno were all safe. She was feeling horrible to what she just saw, but relieved that they were safe. Everyone who survived were helping Decoda make everything okay. Decoda had unleashed a power that she had forgotten about. It was the perfect day to remember, forever.

I wrote this short story exercise to get used to tying beginnings to endings, and use the paragraph sandwich (Topic sentence, Supporting sentence, Detail sentence, Supporting sentence, Detail sentence, Concluding sentence) to make the 2 middle paragraphs flow from the beginning of the story, then tie to the ending paragraph, all flowing into one short story.

For my story, I used feeling at the start, so I used it at the end. Feeling is to describe what the characters feelings are. Some other techniques to tie a beginning to ending are: intense action, sensory description, sound effect and intriguing question. In the first paragraph, Decoda was very excited to go see her grandparents but in the last paragraph, Decoda was feeling horrible because it was her worst birthday yet, but most action filled one yet.


Tying Beginnings to Endings

In class, we were learning to make our short stories better by tying beginnings to endings. There was a list of story types, intense action, intriguing question, feeling, sensory description and sound effects/onomatopoeia. I chose intense action and here is my story:

Ok, so the story starts in England, on our family vacation. I am Jassena Claren, on holiday with my sister, Veronica and my mum. I am keeping a diary of our holiday.

England, 10:00pm, 18 June, 2012

Rushing around, getting suitcases organized for the flight we were late for. It takes a half hour to get to the airport but the flight is in an hour. We should be at the airport now!

“Jassena, Veronica, are you ready?’ Mum asked.

“I am but I’m not sure about Nica,” I said.

“I AM!” Veronica yelled,”Don’t just assume I’m not ready because you are!’


Could Jassena, Veronica and Marissa Claren please come to gate 9 now. Thank-you!”

Gate 9 is now ready for boarding, gate 9 ready for boarding”

Veronica was rushing around, trying to find gate 9 when she didn’t realize she had already passed it. Mum was calling for Veronica to come back, but Veronica, being Veronica, did eventually come back.


We were on the plane, I was ready for the 10  hour flight. I was starting to read while Veronica was listening to her music and mum was trying to sleep and of course, I got the window seat.

Faster, faster and we have lift off. see you in 10 hours America.

America, 8:51pm, 18 June 2012

I have a lot of jet lag from that 10 hour flight and it is still dark outside. I know where I’ll be when I get home.


Back in America, feeling great but before we were out of the airport, another plane had  apparently crashed near by. I saw flames everywhere but we were safe. We got out before the flames spread.


I’m at home finally.

“Jassena, Nica, get to bed!” Mum told us where I wanted to go, bed. Well, I wish I could get over this jet lag before school starts! I’ll try to.